1. Mark questions
What is an inducer in Lacoperon?
Mention initiation and termination codon?
What are jumping genes?
Define transcription?
2. Mark questions
What is a Cistron, Muton and Recon?
Differentiate between codon and anticodon?
Name 4 nucleosides of DNA?
What are introns and exons?
Draw a neat labeled sketch of tRNA?
5. Mark questions
-Explain DNA replication .
-Explain Griffith’s experiment to prove that
DNA is the genetic material
1. Mark questions
Expand BT
Name the organisms used in making golden rice
what is hybridoma?
2. Mark questions
What are the hazards of Genetic engineering?
What are monoclonal antibodies?
What are the uses of transgenic animals?
Draw a labeled diagram of pUC 18
What is gene therapy? mention the types
What are plasmids?
What is the outcome of HGP?
5. Mark questions
-Discuss the steps involved in recombinant DNA technology.
-Discuss Plant tissue culture technique.
-Write a note on the steps involved in DNA finger printing technique.
-Discuss the steps involved in Golden rice production..

1. Mark questions
What are Idioblasts? , What are Stone cells?
What is a Callose?, What is Cork?
What is Tyloses? What are Annual rings?
What is endarch xylem?
2. Mark questions
Differentiate between tracheids and trachea
Differentiate between heart wood and sap wood
Draw a labeled diagram of Collenchyma.
5. Mark questions
-With a help of neat labeled diagram explain parenchyma
- Explain intrastelar activity of secondary growth
1. Mark questions
What is vein loading? Define plasmolysis?
2. Mark questions
-Draw a neat labeled diagram of a Hydathode.
- What is Osmosis ? What is its importance to the plants?
-Define water potential and mention its components
-Differentiate between transpiration and guttation
5. Mark questions
Explain transpiration pull of Ascent of Sap.
Explain Munch mass flow hypothesis.
1. Mark questions
What are CAM plants?
Name the enzyme which fixes carbon dioxide in the plant.
What is squiggle bond ?
2. Mark questions
State the law of limiting factors
Draw a neat labeled diagram of chloroplast
What is lactic acid fermentation?
What is the significance of photolysis of water.
Write the schematic representation of Cyclic photo phosphorylation
5. Mark questions
Explain Terminal oxidation.
Differentiate between oxidative phosphorylation and photo phosphorylation
Give the schematic representation of Kreb’s cycle.
Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration
1. Mark questions
What is bolting?
What is vernalisation?
What is dormin?
2. Mark questions
Give the commercial application of etherphon
What is parthanocarpic fruit? Name the hormone involved.
What are auxins ? mention two applications
Name the plant hormones involved in tissue culturing.
Monocot stem or Monocot root ,Thistle funnel experiment,


I. Genetics.

1 Mark Questions
What do you mean by “Pure line”?
What is the Chromosome compliment of Klinrefelters syndrome?
Define multiple Alleles.
What is Genotype?
2 Mark Questions
What are Holandric genes? Give examples.
Differentiate between Homozygous and Heterozygous conditions.
What is a universal donor and why it is called so?
What are the expected children in a marriage between a carrier woman and a color blind man?
Write a note on Rh factor.
State 2 laws of Mendel.
What is Co-dominance?
5 Mark Questions
-Describe the laboratory techniques of blood grouping and add a note on antigens and antibodies present in human blood.
-What is Sex linked inheritance? Explain with respect to Color blindness in Man.
-What is incomplete dominance? Explain with an example.

II. Biodiversity
1 Mark Questions
Expand IUCN (WCU)
Define Deforestation.
Define species richness.
What are Hot Spots?
2 Mark Questions
What is Species biodiversity? Explain.
What is IPR? On what basis it is granted?
What are the causes for the loss of soil fertility?
What are Endangered Species? Give examples.
Define threatened species and list out few species of Karnataka.
What is a Biosphere Reserve? Mention its zones.
5 Mark Questions
-Define Wild Life? Discuss the conservation methods.
-Discuss the Anthropocentric causes of -Biodiversity depletion.
III. Eco System Sustainability:-
1 Mark Questions
Name the first bio sphere reserve of India.
What is TEK
What is mulching?
What are green house gases?
What are CFCs?
What is nuclear winter?
What are ODS (ozone depleting substances)?
What are the causes of Global warming?
2 Mark Questions
Write a note on 2 methods of rain water harvesting.
What is pollution? Mention two air pollutants
What is global warming? Mention its two effects
What is biosphere reserve? What are its zones?
Differentiate between in-situ and ex-situ preservation.
Mention the causes for ozone depletion. List the effects
What is soil erosion? Mention two methods to control it
Mention the causes for Acid rains? List the effects

IV. Immunology:-
1 Mark Questions
What is inflammation?
What are NK cells?
What are memory cells?
2 Mark Questions
Define immunity. Mention the types.
Draw the structure of an antibody and label the parts.
List the differences between T and B lymphocytes.
5 Mark Questions
What are non specific body defences? Mention the role of NK cells and interferons.

V. Human Physiology:-
1 Mark Questions
Define Homeostasis?
What is a blue baby?
What are kidney stones?
What are meninges?
What is cardiac cycle?
Mention the function of Enterokinase.
What is oxyhemoglobin?
Give 2 symptoms of Asthma.

2 Mark Questions
-What is ADH? Mention its function.
-What are the methods of combating the menace of drug abuse?
What are hallucinogens ?Give an example.
-Mention the functions of hormones of
-Draw a neat labeled diagram of villus
-Give the schematic representation of blood
-What is MI?
-List 4 differences between Arteries and Veins.
-List the functions of medulla oblongata.
-What is Chloride shift?
-Write a note on Augmentation (Tubular secretion).
-Write a note on Pulmonary circulation.
-What is a pace maker?
-Write a note on Parkinson’s disease.

5 Mark Questions
-Draw neat labeled diagram of the Human heart.
-Write a note on exchange of gases with in the body (Note: write both external as well as internal respiration)
-Write a note on Gastric digestion.
-Explain double circulation in humans. Add a note on its significance.
- Draw a neat labeled sketch of Human Digestive system.
-Explain the digestion of proteins in human body.
-What is reflex action ? write a note on the components of reflex arc.
-With the help of a neat labeled diagram describe origin and conduction of Heart beat.
-What is dialysis? Explain the types
-Draw neat labeled diagram of the Human respiratory system and add a note on Breathing.
-Write a note on Carbohydrate digestion.
-Draw a labeled sketch of C.S. Human Brain.

VI. Developmental Biology & Human Reproduction:-

1 Mark Questions
What are gamones?
Name the gameto kinetic factor.
Expand AIDS.
What is implantation?
What is menstrual cycle?
Name the pregnancy hormone.
Name the hormone which helps in ovulation.
Name the causative factor of Gonorrhoea.
2 Mark Questions
-Name two derivatives of endoderm.(read all the derivatives of three germ layers)
-List the important differences between sperm and
the ovum.
-Draw a labeled diagram blastula of frog.
-What is Chemotaxis ?
-Mention the symptoms of Syphilis.

5 Mark Questions
-With the help of neat labeled diagram explain the structure of Gastrula of Frog.
-Explain the Structure of a typical Sperm with the help of a labeled sketch.
-With the help of simple sketches , explain Cleavage in Frog.
-What is Contraception? List the methods.
-With the help of simple diagrams explain the process of fertilization.

Structure of a multi polar Neuron.
Haversian canal system.
Histology of Testes.
Histology of Liver lobule.
Histology of Small Intestine.
Conduct a test for Proteins.
Read all the disorders each for 2 marks only

The components of culture medium used in tissue culture
1. Agar – 0.6 to 1.0 conc.
2. Sucrose – Carbon and energy source
3. Vitamins and Amino acids like glycine
4. N, K, Ca, Mg and Co, Mo, Cu, Zn etc.
5. Auxins and Cytokinins

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