all drugs have side effects

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BOTANY PRACTICE QUESTIONS 2013 I.MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 1. Mark questions What is an inducer in Lacoperon? Mention initiation and termination codon? What are jumping genes? Define transcription? 2. Mark questions What is a Cistron, Muton and Recon? Differentiate between codon and anticodon? Name 4 nucleosides of DNA? What are introns and exons? Draw a neat labeled [...]

Everything you thought you knew about learning is wrong

In a recent article on Wired, Robert Bjork, the director of the UCLA Learning and Forgetting Lab, outlined some important points about learning and how our best perceived ways of learning is flawed. Should you focus one skill at a time ? People tend to try to learn in blocks, Bjork said. Mastering one thing [...]

Low self-esteem ?

Low Self-Esteem ? Low self-esteem has an impact on every part of your daily life. It makes you withdraw form normal activities. If you feel that you are lesser than others , others will see the same in you as you exhibit. On the contrary if you have good self esteem and feel worth being [...]